November 28, 2010

Video: The Merrin Gallery & Ancient Art

What is ancient art? The official YouTube Channel of the Merrin Gallery has recently gone public with a video featuring several objects of ancient art from Egypt, Rome and South America.

It is possible to view these antiquities on YouTube in extremely high definition (up to 1080p HD), or also below:

November 19, 2010

The Priests of Ancient Egypt

In ancient Egypt, priests filled the crucial role of performing all necessary rituals and maintaining the temples, which were believed to be the actual residences of the gods. Unlike in today’s houses of worship, there was limited outreach to the lay public, who were not allowed within.

The priesthood of each temple was comprised of a small, permanent staff of professionals, and a revolving coterie of high-ranking male and female “volunteers” called saw (later, Phylae, in Greek), who each served for a month at a time. As in any bureaucracy, there was a hierarchy to the priesthood: one could advance to the next level only after fulfilling the function of the preceding one.

November 5, 2010

Roundup: Ancient Egypt, Greece and Sam Merrin

Renowned expert for pre-Columbian and ancient art, find out about Sam Merrin here, the owner and president of The Merrin Gallery, Inc.

Recent acquisitions of the Merrin Gallery include three fabulous pieces that have been discussed on this blog:
  1. Ancient, 2,500 year old Egyptian figurine
  2. Large decorated amphora from ancient Greece
  3. Beautiful wooden mask from an Egyptian sarcophagus

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