February 4, 2011

Roundup: Past Few Merrin Months

Consolidating fall '10 and winter '10/11 at the Samuel Merrin & Gallery blog.

Notably includes a look at Samuel Merrin's professional work – through matters concerning clients of The Merrin Gallery. As well as Samuel's personal life – through an exploration of artistic favorites, and NGO-involvement. (Note that all articles have been updated since their original publication.)


Samuel Merrin's Favorite Artwork

An article touching on one of Samuel Merrin's favorites pieces of art, included a rotating look the piece through a an all-around 360 video. A more detailed look at the piece itself, and the history behind can be expected on Samuel Merrin & Gallery shortly, but the article has been updated with a list of publications and detailed specifications of Samuel's vase.

Samuel Merrin & Confidentiality

An article detailing Samuel Merrin's buying practices and the handling of clients' privacy also (shortly) touched on, for example, his ability to buy back older collections. As well as The Merrin Gallery's competitive edge on auction houses like Sothebie's.

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