April 11, 2011

Maya Art – Among Samuel Merrin's Favorites

This cylindrical terracotta Mayan war vase, depicting a battle scene, is one of Samuel Merrin's favorite pieces. (Although recomposed from several pieces, it is complete.) An excellent specimen of ancient South American art, originating from the late-Classic period (600-800 AD), a 360° view of the Mayan war vase reveals its beauty and pristine condition. Samuel Merrin vividly adds:
As a child, in the mid to late 1960s, I remember my father, Edward Merrin, displaying this magnificent vase in our house. He had two vases in his private collection, this war vase and a carved vase now in the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas. The painting is beautifully done with the lines of the figures bold and elegant. This is the last one of a group of six vases still in private hands.
This magnificent and important polychrome painted vase is one of a group of vases that has been identified by an individual (anonymous) artist. The group is identified as the “Fenton School” as after its namesake vase in the collection of the British Museum (collected in the late 18th century in the area of Nebaj, Guatemala).

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