January 1, 2011

Video: Ancient Maya War Vase in 360°

New Year's greetings from Samuel Merrin and the Merrin Gallery! As Sam is one of the preeminent dealers in the field of ancient art, particularly that of pre-Columbian times, the Merrin Gallery has prepared an exclusive video of one of Samuel Merrin's favorite pieces, a war vase crafted by the Maya almost 3,000 years ago. Depicting a battle scene—it is a rarity among their works.

An all-around view of the vase illuminates both it's beauty and history, through the skillful mastery of the outer decoration:

Update: Read a detailed analysis of Mr. Merrin's Maya vase—on its history, meaning and uniqueness. 

As quoted from the Merrin Gallery's YouTube channel:
Samuel Merrin is the owner and president of The Merrin Gallery, an ancient art gallery in New York founded by Sam's father, Edward Merrin, in the 1960s. This war vase of the Maya civilization of Mesoamerica came into Edward's collection in 1968 and has since been published and discussed in many leading works.
For dimensions and specifications for this Merrin-favorite, as well as some photos, visit the Merrin Gallery's Facebook album.

Also, Samuel Merrin's Flickr holds a list of publications featuring this Mayan vase.

Mayan War Vase – Battle Scene (Side D) Mayan War Vase – Battle Scene (Side A) Mayan War Vase – Battle Scene (Side B) Mayan War Vase – Battle Scene (Side C)

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